Maps and Streets

by Alpine.

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All instruments performed on this album by Max Grazier
Vocals by Max Grazier

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Max Grazier

Alpine is:

Max Grazier - Guitars, effects, vocals
Tom Jeffrey - Guitars, effects, backup vocals
Andrew Evans - Bass, effects, backup vocals
Jake Grazier - Drums

Copyright 2015 Fortune Cookie Records


released July 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Fortune Cookie Records Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Slowly growing record company out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Founded by Max Grazier.

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Track Name: 53rd
The highway sounds
They stand tall
Not near the mountains
At least I don't hear the crows call
Calling near the sea
The only lake here are the greats up north
But I won't even catch a glimpse
Until age 16

MJ hit his peak
Near the house I slept in for 3 years
Before I moved for the first and only time to the east
I kept my head high
I'm sure I didn't like leaving all the friends I'd ever had
I wasn't even 5
Track Name: Middle St.
Grandparents took the heat
They always looked after me
Not rich, but sane
Moved from Chicago just yesterday

I hold my brother tight
In a lock broken fights uncommon
Said he was always this way
I crave attention it’s spoken

Grandfather opened his hand bright red
A jagged scar leaves its mark
Ripped out stitches the next day
I guess we can all say

As if he didn’t want that!

Young we moved out 8th grade
Caught myself following the “A Train”
Losing love the night before
I rip the hangers off my rugged door

Chicago! Where did the time go?
Chicago! Where did my love go?
Chicago! You’re painted in my red vein
Chicago! Maybe I’ve fallen beyond sane

Grandparents took the heat
They always looked after me
Not rich, but sane
Moved from Chicago just yesterday
Track Name: Kearsarge Way
Casually crafting beneath brown rugs
Dark stains amber
The years worn by yesterday
Sworn to kill off the lamp shades
Kiss the mouth of your first love
She might fall for you

Sick seven sold stories
Behind a pen crafted pocket change
Eleven months beyond due
She sat there awake and waiting for you
Careless work trash bag recycled
In a closet somewhere beyond view

Made paper airplanes fourteen
Nothing shy of a loose leaf in my eye
Worms bite the dirt united
Coy in attitude
Contentious tongue
Bite fire into water
Lift it out beyond love

Because she wants you
Open your eyes
Lift your heart out
Hold it to the skies
But you won’t see it
You won’t live
You’re too afraid
You have nothing to give
I’m telling you now
Not showing your blind eye
And she likes you
Not just because you’re a good guy
But because she cares
About how the sun falls on your face
And follows your day
Sending something of good grace
So open your damn eyes
I can see you squinting
Iridescent colors of your heart
She can only hope you’re hinting
So suck it up
You might never get a second chance
She is actually beautiful
You’d know if you’d glance
So give your heart
There’s nothing to lose
You’ve lost three times
It’s not like you get to choose
Your love.

She’s fallen barrel over crate
Now all you need to do is look
Track Name: Andrew Jarvis Drive
Held it on the top of your fingertips
Just between the gasp of air
We march to the files we bonded to
Age fourteen and a half

Cars collide at the end of the drive
And let's bury our minds in the guilt and shame of a good friend
He indirectly led us to his pit of despair
Maybe as a cry for help

Let's not forget
All our laughs, and all our time spent
Let's not forget
The simple mistakes can always be fixed
But maybe we're simply unlucky
And all words can do is harm what's there
My friend, my friend

I'll be waiting here
With a hand-full of frames
That you'll never figure out
Maybe it's the parlance
Maybe it's the confab for you
I'm never letting go
Track Name: Dearborn Road (Acoustic Bonus Session)
My love
I don't want to leave
This house
It's midnight
I wish I could stay
But that might be a dead give away

Of how this can't vanish
Even if we tried
I could never try

Simple yet complex
Our emotions intertwine
I can't even describe
How you make me feel inside

My love
I don't want to leave